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A free web app I created for UCI students to track classroom availability. They can add courses to their reminders, and get notified whenever a course status is attained. I have created an image to help you visualize how it works.

Story #

Over the summer, I wanted to add a bioinformatics class but the status was 'FULL' even though it was half empty. I had to login and refresh over and over again just to check if the class was open. You can see why this is a big problem.

No programmer likes doing the same task over and over again especially if it can be easily automated.

So, Antreminder was born out of frustration. I created it over the summer and added some finishing touches this fall. I didn't think it'll take as long, but at the same time, about half of the technologies I used were new to me, so it was expected.

If any UCI students are reading this, 'Antreminder' was inspired by 'antplanner'.

It wasn't a trivial task even though the app itself is really simple. I had a full-time internship over the summer, so I only worked on it after work (and on some most weekends). Also, I'm not a Web designer. I had never really thought about creating Web Apps before Antreminder, but it feels great to be able to add something nice and more user-friendly to my portfolio. Antreminder is fully functional, you can head over to and create a free account. It's currently in BETA so please try to break it. I'll be happy if you do as long as you let me know how you did it.